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Germantown School of Music

Learning a musical instrument has many benefits besides just being plain ole' fun. Many studies have shown that it increases a child's IQ and sharpens an adult's memory. It teaches discipline, relieves stress, and helps team building skills. In addition, the concepts associated with note reading help to increase math skills.

“Dr. James Catterall of UCLA has analyzed the school records of 25,000 students as they moved from grade 8 to grade 10. He found that students who studied music and the arts had higher grades, scored better on standardized tests, had better attendance records and were more active in community affairs than other students.” — From Catterall, UCLA, Fall 1997

     The School of music offers beginner to advanced lessons on various instruments such as the piano and guitar. Instructors aim to create a relaxed yet goal-oriented atmosphere for students to blossom and flourish. They seek to make each lesson enjoyable as well as results driven.  Lessons are taught based on traditional teaching methods as well as custom tailored methods to fit a student's goal and learning style.


     Students will be given the opportunity to learn theory and how to read & write music notation. In addition, they will have the option to play various styles such as Jazz, classical, rock, gospel, and pop music. A typical 1st lesson for an absolute beginner will consist of learning the note names of said intrument, finger numbers, and learning a simple song. Intermediate to advanced instrumentalist can expect to learn how to read a chord chart, play by ear, chord extensions, chord progressons, chord qualities, voicings, rhythm, dynamics, scales, and sightreading.  

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