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     My son recently began taking piano lessons with Mr. Louis Jones and the experience has been excellent.  Mr. Jones brings creativity and energy to each lesson.  He uses stories and games to teach the notes and keys on the piano in a way that is fun and very effective.  My four and a half year old son is thrilled and proud of the music he is playing so quickly.  I learned about Mr. Jones through a neighbor's glowing review and I agree completely.  I would highly recommend Mr. Jones as a piano teacher, especially for young children.  

                                                                 -Nancy W.

     Louis Jones is a fantastic piano teacher.  He has a gentle and encouraging personality that he has used effectively to build confidence in my more reserved five year-old.  I was very proud the day she played two songs in front of a roomful of strangers at last year's piano recital.  In addition, he has been able to interest my energetic, all athlete 8 year-old in piano.  Mr. Jones' approach to music education has helped my son develop an "I can" and "I like it" attitude toward playing the piano.  Both my children are now reading music and I love it! 
                                                          -Toye R.

     Louis Jones is a relatable music instructor. He has been teaching our son the piano over the past year and a half. We are pleased at the progress our son is making learning to play the piano, but are more impressed with his enthusiasm toward his lessons. Louis is not only preparing our son for a career in music, but makes the lessons enjoyable and relevant for our son. Louis does a great job blending classical, jazz and even popular music that keeps our son interested. I would recommend Louis to anyone seeking to learn how to play the piano, especially those who might not think that learning this instrument can be fun.                                                                                     -- Anthony L

     My kids have been taking Piano lessons with Mr.Louis Jones for the past 2 years. Our experience throughout has been very pleasant and I am glad to say that both my kids are very much inspired.
Mr.Jones focuses on individualizing the lesson plans to make it challenging and interesting to each kid.
My kids have the same enthusiasm as their first class and are always looking forward for it.
                                                -- Saritha J.
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